Knifemaking Podcasts

Unless you have a big manufacturing company knifemaking is a very solidary profession to do, and so we have a lot of time to listen to a lot of information while we are doing a task. Here is a small list if high quality podcasts, that will keep you company and help you develop as a maker.
Knife talkKnife talk
Knife talk

A podcast that answers a lot of begginer questions, and some times does some deep dives in specific themes and questions. There are a lot of discount to the show listiners, a lot of funny stuff and some occasional weirdness...

Geoff Feder
Mareko Maumasi

edge and flowedge and flow
Edge & Flow

My new favourite podcast of two seasoned knife designers and makers, they go deep DEEP, philosofical, less hihi haha stuff, they give some room for thingking and a lot of food for though about how to grow it as a business and how to balance work and life

TJ Schwarz
Lucas Burnley

carbite content
carbite content
Carbite Content

A super interesting talk between some basilong makers, who mostly use CNC machining, often they nerd out about some new machines, talk about machine problems that they have and just tell how much they hate hard milling, it's a super fun listen every time!
Jon Boggs
Grant Marshall
Contraption Collection

mark of the makermark of the maker
Mark of the Maker

Slow, calm and interesting, these worlds would define this podcast, if you want to be an artisan of this craft, you have to listen to this great podcasts, as the hosts and interviews are very well done.

Mark Stheiner
Tom Krein
Sean Kendrick

xyz the cnc podcastxyz the cnc podcast
XYZ - The CNC Podcast

Super interesting show, about two cnc guys, Aaron is the famous youtube knife maker, you makes just a few models put push them to perfection, and Nick who whit his company makes amazing custom and semi custom guitars. They share a lot of small business struggles and how to overcome them.

Aaron Gough
Nick Frank

work for it podcastwork for it podcast
Work For It

High energy, very motivation and super funny. This podcast will get you fired up for the rest of the week - every week no problem, it's about wanting something really bad and working your ass off for it!

Brian House
Benjamin Butler
Bryan Kohn

the art fo craftsmanship podcast
the art fo craftsmanship podcast
The Art of Craftsmanship

It's very calm, warm and possitive talk about making in general, making content, bows or knives. Just some dudes chilling, having a good time and a few beers and sharing what they are making and their take on it.

Dustin O'Hara
Devon O'Hara

Maybe I forgot some amazing podcast?
Baltic Blades
Baltic Blades