You will find here a selection of bushcraft and camping knives that are light to carry, makes them them great hiking knives. The unbeatend reliability of a fixed blade paired with sturdy stainless steels, practical yet small sheaths, fined edge and great edge retention will keep these knives in your backpaking setup forever while you explore the beauty of the nature!

Varnas is the answer to most questions

Varna's knife is a high-quality blade crafted by me, using the finest materials sourced from Austria. Constructed from N690 and Elmax stainless steels, this knife guarantees exceptional durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. It is specifically designed for both caping and military purposes, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts and servicemen alike.

The knife comes equipped with a sturdy Kydex sheath, ensuring safe storage and easy access. Whether you need precision cutting or require a reliable companion in the field, Varna's knife delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Experience superior craftsmanship and functionality with this remarkable blade.

Elmax and N690 steels are excellent choices for military service people knives due to their exceptional properties and durability. Elmax steel is known for its high wear resistance, providing the blades with extended edge retention and reducing the need for frequent sharpening. Its strong corrosion resistance ensures that the knives can withstand harsh environments and moisture without compromising their performance.

Similarly, N690 steel offers excellent toughness and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for military personnel who require reliable and low-maintenance tools. These steels also exhibit great strength and are capable of withstanding heavy-duty tasks, making them suitable for various military applications. It's very easy to maintain, sharpend and care after. With their superior qualities, Elmax and N690 steels provide the reliability and performance necessary for military service people to rely on their knives in critical situations.