"Avem" line knives are inspired by the archetypes of the bird world. Every knife model with it's shape, size, lines, proportions and uses is a tribute to a specific bird trying to replicate its beauty created by mother nature.

heron knife

Heron - graceful and elegant.
5 pcs left.

The most important knife in every kitchen, the chefs knife. Universal and fatal to all kind of produces. This knife has a long flat spot from the belly to the heel, this is the most optimal geometry for chopping up food ingredients without lifting up the knife from the cutting board, also it suits a lot of cutting styles

K-tip style tip of this knife is just a little below the central line of the knife which makes this knife super  light and agile in the user hand, which is the opposite with a lot of the western knives. When you start using this knife it is very hard to stop!

Steel: Stainless AEB-L
Hardness: 61 hrc
Total length: 290mm
Blade length: 180mm

Base model price:
200 EUR / 245 USD

shoebill knife

Shoebill - ruthless to vegetables.
3pcs left.

Japanese Nakiri (vegetable cleaver) is one of the "forgotten" knives. It is near extinction in the professional kitchen use, because it was replaces with mandolina, specifically made for chopping up vegetables. Only because of small circle of enthusiast and chefs this is kept alive. A group of individuals who find pleasure in processing a big batch of vegetables the "old fashioned way". Huge flat spot on the knife allows the user with one sweep to make a big cut and cut multiple pieces of vegetables at once. A small curved belly near the tip is an adaptation from the original totally flat nakiri design, to make it more suitable for people who are used to European knives.

Steel: Stainless AEB-L
Hardness: 61 hrc
Total length: 265mm
Blade length: 155mm

Base model price: 185 EUR / 225 USD

Colibri - small but irreplaceable.
3pcs left.
XL sold out.

Most underrated knives in a kitchen are the small workhorses who despite being small are ready to do most of the given tasks. They are the grey cardinals of your kitchen, they are not the show room "brag about" types, but when there is a random task in the kitchen, they are your go to knives. Any task that requires precision is a task that this knife is made for.

Steel: Stainless AEB-L
Hardness: 61 hrc
Full length: 160mm (190mm XL)
Blade length: 85mm (95mm XL)

Base model price: 70 EUR (90EUR XL) / 85 EUR (110 USD XL)

G10 (Resin reinforce with glass fiber)

All of the knife base models include in the price stainless steel screws and handle scales made from a synthetic material (G10 or Micarta) from colour of your choice. Any other materials will/can cost extra.

G10 is a resin that is reinforce with glass fiber, this material is VERY resistant to wear and has very good longevity. You can choose any colour from the given ones, it is included in the base price.

If you want there is also an option to make one side of the scales of one colour and the other another colour.
Below you can see all of the available G10 colours:

Canvas Micarta

If you can't find G10 that is fitting your taste, then you can choose from 3 different canvas micarta options. This a very durable material made from canvas and resin, on the finished handle you'll be able to see the beautiful pattern of the canvas.

Natural woods

If you want something natural for the handle material and maybe unique looking, then natural woods are a very good option.
You can choose from Arizona Ironwood, Padouk and Ebony. These woods are very oily and resistant to wear.

Choosing natural wood will add additional 20EUR/25USD to the base price.

Below you can see the available options for natural wood knife handle scales:

Stabilised woods

If you want something more individual and playful, there is a wide variety of stabilised woods.
Stabilised wood, is wood that was submerged in a resin which clogs up all of the pores of the wood, making it inert and resistant to moisture and other outside effects, also the wood gets dyed

Choosing stabilised wood will add 25EUR/30 USD to the base price.

Below you can see the available options for stabilised wood knife handle scales:

Screw options

Independent  of the handle material choice yopu make, you can choose from these types of screws:
Stainless steel srews are included in the base price of the knife.
Black stanless steel screws will add 5EUR/6USD will add to the base price.
Oxidation blued stainless steel
 scews will add 10EUR/12USD to the base price.

Below you can see the different screw options with different handle options (black G10, brown micarta, blue stabilised wood):

If you choose wood/stabilised wood:

If you have chosen a handle made from natural wood or stabilised, you can also choose the G10 liner scale colour. (A liner is mandatory)
You can choose from a white or black liner. The line cost is included in the handle cost.

Aesthetic tempering line

You can also chose to have an aesthetic tempering line added to your knife, this line is made by heating up the steel to a certain temperature.

This will add 20EUR/25USD to the total price.

Cerakote coating

The blade can be covered in a totally black ceracote ceramic coating which offers addition protection to the blade and gives a specific black out look to the knife.

This will add 50EUR/60USD to the total price.

If you have already chosen what knife you would like or have a question, feel free to contact me using facebook or instagram. You can use the icons below or the integrated messenger in this page!